American Music Awards Winners: Lots Of Favorites

The international superstar Gaga performed twice tonight in the 2011 Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs), and the fans were thrilled over enable you to get that she not only performed her current hit single, “The Edge of Glory,” but that she also performed “Born By working on this.” The star is of the most popular and famous singers in the world, and she or he has fans around the world that voted for her, and for a result, she won awards at the show tonite.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga did one of her characteristic outrageous performances, with many half-dressed writhing male dancers in a kind of “Eve in a garden of Eden” motif wearing a black partially see-through short almost-dress.

If look at Paris Hilton out and about, generally catch her with white half moons and purple black polish painted on short or perhaps. A wow look, and so to be able to do.

lady-gaga-live-2-203x300According to “Rolling Stone”, Lady Gaga’s publicist says she is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. This Lady Gaga news has been told through her doctor to have a few slow days from her busy schedule and the rest.

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